About us

Fun Facts about Me & this Shop

*My name is Hannah. I’ve been married almost 13 years & have 3 wild kids. I love everything: music, art, movies, books, and graphic designs.

*How I came up with the shop name: We had a dog named Lucky that was very special to us & he had passed away that year.(2019)

*How I came up with my logo: It's a drawing of a lily I made & it represents our first dog we had together. Her name was Lilie (I’m definitely an animal lover) lol

* I started this shop at the end of 2019. I had a crazy idea after helping get stuff ready for my sister's wedding shower. It was the Era of the Circuit. We were going strong for a while then a bout of anxiety & doubt set in. That was a crazy year for a lot of us. So I decided to close for a little bit & just focus on myself and find a better way to make my products.

*After tons of research & even more trial & error lol Here we are!!

*I invested in a DTF machine and new products. To make sure the quality is perfect.(kinda a perfectionist)

*We don’t get tons & tons of orders YET but I enjoy every bit of this.

* Does doubt set in still? Yes, I think that just comes with the territory.

* Do I think we are gonna grow into something amazing? Absolutely, we have come so far just in the time we have been open. It’s amazing!! I’m grateful for all of you & hope that you enjoy the site & the products as much as I do.